makes torrenting better

We already know torrenting is an awesome way to stream the best movies, watch your favorite tv shows, and listen to just about every kind of music under the sun.

Unfortunately downloading files isn’t how most people get their & chill on. Don’t you just want to press play, sit back, and let the robots do all the work while you earn tokens? That would be amazing!

bittorrentX is an eXtension protocol connecting the bittorrent network and decentralized applications. dApp builders can use p2p nodes as a CDN, dApp users automagically become seeders, and both earn BITX rewards from the TRON blockchain for contributing to the network.


Key features of bittorrentX

Turns leechers into seeders

bittorrentX embeds a torrent client inside a standard HTML5 media player. Just press play to torrent. No downloads. No plugins.

Expands the bittorrent ecosystem

The bittorrentX Player can be put just about anywhere…from your smart phone to smartTV. More seeders means better service.

Earn crypto in your sleep

Imagine if you could earn tokens just by leaving your TV plugged-in. Well, bittorrentX is kinda like that. Seed in the background and earn BITX.


Understanding bittorrentX (BITX)

bittorrentX eXpands the pool of torrenting peers by removing the need for special software to use the bittorrent network. With standards such as WebRTC, Javascript, and HTML5 bittorrentX can add millions more devices to the world’s largest blockchain application.

Connecting bittorrent with WebRTC

WebRTC is an open standard for real-time, plugin-free media distribution. bittorrentX uses WebRTC to eXpand the p2p network to everyone with a streaming device. No plugins. No downloads.

Another great use for the TRON network

BITX uses the TRON blockchain with 10,000 transactions per second and zero transaction fees. Incentivized torrenting takes TRON to the next level by automagically turning leechers into seeders.

Gateway to decentralized applications (dApps)

For developers, bittorrentX provides an API to quickly deploy decentralized applications. Because the core is based on standards already built into web browsers the possibilities are endless.


Leechers Kill bittorrent

The ratio of consuming without giving back makes the network experience poor.

Network Resources Wasted

Once leechers download a file and do nothing with it, it becomes worthless.

Torrenting is Still Hard

Downloading software and potentially getting malware are big problems.




More Devices, More Seeders

bittorrentX eXtends the bittorrent network to more devices. Performance improves for everyone.

BITX Token Rewards

Leechers are transformed into seeders. Both can easily earn cryptocurrency rewards.

Transparent Torrenting

By using web standards, bittorrentX has no installs…which means no adware or viruses.


Stream. Seed. Earn.

We designed bittorrentX to enable decentralized streaming services to surpass the sites you already enjoy.

  • Support for all major browsers
  • Works from smart phones to smart TVs
  • Integrated blockchain wallet
  • Background seeding to earn crypto
  • No adware, spyware, malware

BITX Token

BITX is the native utility token for use with bittorrentX.

Token Information

Pre-IEO Phase Starts May 1, 2019 0000 UTC
Total Token Supply 2,000,000,000 BITX
Open Distribution - Phase I 135,000,000 BITX
Pre-IEO Phase Hard Cap 9,500,000 TRX
Pre-IEO Phase Soft Cap 385,000 TRX
Token Value 1 TRX = 1 BITX
Accepted TRX


Past, Present, and Future of bittorrentX

Q3 2018 Concept Development
  • Operational Needs Assessment
  • Concept of Operations
  • Operational Requirements
Q4 2018 Pioneer Release
  • Functionality Evaluation
  • Feature Definition
  • BITX Player Private Demo
Q2 2019 Open Distribution - Phase I


Luna Release
  • BITX Player Live Demo
  • BITX Wallet Development
  • BITX Masternode Research
Q3 2019 Ranger Release
  • BITX Player Alpha Code Release
  • BITX Wallet Public Demo
  • BITX Masternode Development
Q4 2019 Cosmos Release
  • BITX Player Beta Code Release
  • BITX Wallet Alpha Code Release
  • BITX Masternode Private Demo


Open Distribution - Phase II
Q1 2020 Apollo Release
  • BITX Player Version 1.0
  • BITX Wallet Beta Code Release
  • BITX Masternode Public Demo

Core Team

Navdeep Garg
Taylor Wilson
Shashank Jain
Strategic Partners


Below we’ve provided a bit about BITX and token distribution. If you have any other questions, please communicate securely via Telegram.

bittorrentX is an eXtension protocol connecting the bittorrent network and decentralized applications. dApp builders can use p2p nodes as a CDN and dApp users automagically become seeders to earn BITX rewards for contributing resources to the network. To learn more, read the whitepaper.

BITX is the TRON-based native utility token for use with bittorrentX.

Pre-IEO Phase is open now. Pre-IEO Phase is capped at 9.5M TRX.

BITX can be purchased with TRX.

Don't panic. Your tokens are safe. Check using Trxplorer, the independent TRON block explorer. We are currently working towards a fix for Tronscan.

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